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Juva nat. 7.7.2018

Judged by Anneli Sutela, FI Big-Wood’s My Igloo Ingo EXC1 CQ Best Dog & BOB Liebehund Red Troll EXC2 CQ 2nd Best Bitch & res-CC Photo: Sari Kärki

Finnish specialty show – 2018 – Corgien erikoisnäyttely

Judged by: Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes (kennel Pluperfect), USA – cardigan juniors to champions Ingrid Prytz Ohm (kennel All Trade), NO – puppies and veterans Leah James, USA – Best In Show Entries: 140 Cardigans & 123 Pembrokes What a day we had! We hit the jackpot! This was Kolli’s 3rd BOB from Finnish specialty. BOS was …

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Reisjärvi nat. 16.6.2018

Judged by Markku Kipinä, FI Big-Wood’s Graenus Grenade EXC1 CQ Best Bitch BOB Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown EXC1 CQ BB-2 BOB-vet Big-Wood’s Kipinän Hetki EXC1 CQ BB-3 CC Kilvroch Tamina EXC2 CQ Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity EXC1 CQ Best Dog BOS Big-Wood’s Grymus Granlund EXC1 CQ BD-2 Big-Wood’s BOB-group and BIS2-group (Hoity Toity, Graenus Grenade, Triumph Renown …

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Alavus nat. 10.6.2018

Judged by Anita Al-Bachy, FI Big-Wood’s Twilight Sparkle EXC1 CQ BB-1 CC BOB & FI Ch Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown EXC1 CQ BB-2 BOB-veteran Big-Wood’s Northamentha EXC3 Kilvroch Tamina EXC4 Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity EXC1 CQ BD-1 CC BOS & FI Ch Big-Wood’s Big McIntosh EXC1 CQ BD-3 Big-Wood’s BOB-group & short listed in group finals (BW …

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Szilvásvárad 3xINT, Hungary 19.-21.5.2018

Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry aka Priha got 3 BOBs and finished his Hungarian Champion title. Well done Priha and your team!  

Helsinki INT 19.5.2018

Judged by Orietta Zilli, Italy Big-Wood’s Big McIntosh EXC1 CQ BD3 res-CACIB Liebehund Red Troll EXC3 CQ  

Oulainen nat. 19.5.2018

Judged by Helin Tenson, EE Big-Wood’s Mahtava Mars EXC2 CQ Big-Wood’s Frontside K’Ollie VG4

Oulu NORD 13.5.2018

Judged by Marjo Järventölä Big-Wood’s Fiini Fazerina EXC1 CQ BB1 CC Nord-CC BOB and BOB-junior Big-Wood’s Kätevä Kismet EXC2 Big-Wood’s Fiksu Fami EXC3 Big-Wood’s Mahtava Mars EXC1 CQ BD1 CC Nord-CC BOS Big-Wood’s Frontside K’Ollie EXC2 Big-Wood’s Oiva Omar VG3 Big-Wood’s BOB-group   13 Siblings out of Big-Wood’s Kultu Kimallus by Big-Wood’s Grymus Granlund (Fiksu Fami, Oiva …

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VDH Europasieger 11.5.2018

Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry, aka Priha, won BOB at IDS Europasieger in Dortmund under judge mr. P. Jentgen (L) and finally Group1 under H. Grutner (D). We are so proud of you “Team-Priha”!

Kajaani nat. 5.5.2018

Judged by Anita Al-Bachy, FI Mother (BOB) and the son (BOS) Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown EXC1 CQ BB1 BOB BOB-veteran Group-4 BIS-1-veteran Big-Wood’s Kipinän Hetki EXC1 CQ BB2 CC Big-Wood’s Kultu Kimallus EXC1 CQ BB4 res-CC Big-Wood’s Northamentha EXC2 CQ Kilvroch Tamina EXC3 Big-Wood’s Big McIntosh EXC1 CQ BD1 CC BOS > FI CH Big-Wood’s Oiva …

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