2010 Cars

synt – 11.1.2010 – d/o/b

Urokset- boys
Big-Wood’s Lincoln SS-C-X
om. T.  & R. Dahlström_MG_5841
Big-Wood’s Trans Am
om. H. Luoma-aho
Big-Wood’s Pink Cadillac
om. J. Isokoski
Nartut – girlstutuIMG_8004
Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown
om. J & J Flinck & E. Eby
Big-Wood’s Triumph Mayflower
om. A-M Hallanaro
Big-Wood’s Triumph Spitfire
om. J. Juponaho & L. Kahra


Lo: lonkat / hips, Kn: kyynärnivelet / elbows, Po: polvet / knees, Si: silmätarkastus / eye examination, Se: selkäkuva/ spine x-rays, Nly: näyttelytulos / show result

Nimi/Name Lo Kn Po Si Se Nly Muuta / more info
Lincoln SS-C-X C/C 0/0 0/0 OK OK FI&SE MVA / CH DM N/N normal
Finnish & Swedish Champion
11.1.2010 – 23.7.2015
Trans Am - - - - - - EJ-rekisterissä mutkahäntänsä vuoksi / kinky tail and that’s why he’s registrated as “not for breeding”
Pink Cadillac C/C 0/0 - - - -
Triumph Renown C/C 0/0 0/0 OK - C.I.B. FI&NO&SE MVA / CH
WW-14, FIW-14
International, Finnish, Swedish & Norwegian Champion, World Winner 2014, Finnish Winner 2014, BOB @ Finnish Specialty 2015Kilpailee agilityssä / competes in agility
Triumph Mayflower B/B 0/0 0/0 OK - EXC  TK1 title from obedience
Triumph Spitfire C/C 0/0 0/0 OK OK SERT/CC  CC-winner


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great- Great-Grandparents
FIN Ch, FinW-09, NordW-09, Cheysuli’s Tri To Remember
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
TrudyTale’s About Last Night Ch. Shadowalk Trademark Ch. Shadowalk GW Make Way For Morgan
Ch. Shadowalk Vashon Jettsetter
Ch. Trudytale’s Once Upon A Time Ch. Phi-Vestavia Peter Pan
Ch. Trailwyn Tell Me True
Ch. Cheysuli’s Peekaboo Blue Ch. Pecan Valley Stop Light Pecan Valley Double Explosure
Pecan Valley Black Ice
Ch. Winbuck’s Lyric Ch. Twinroc Poet of Pluperfect
Ch. Winbuck’s High Fashion
Kilvroch Tamina
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0 knees: 0/0
AM Ch Joseter GrassanmoreROMB Joseter Walker Joseter Hassle
Joseter Campan
Ch Joseter Sonata Ch Joseter Joson, ROMG
Jogela Lucinda
AM Ch Kilvroch Silk Stockings Joseter Doublewood Ch Lanchester Statesman
Kilvroch Musette Ch Foxydale Prince
Joseter Tamdhu at Kilvroch