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Kiitos yhteistyöstä Lumitassu ja Ashley Craig Finland!

Vuoden Näyttely Corgit – Top Winning Show Corgis 2019

Vuoden cardigan & vuoden uros / Top Winning Cardigan & Cardigan Dog#1 Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity#3 Big-Wood’s Big Mcintosh#9 Big-Wood’s Frontside K’ollie Vuoden narttu / Top Winning Cardigan Bitch#1 Big-Wood’s Fiini Fazerina#5 Big-Wood’s Northamentha#8 Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown# Big-Wood’s Kipinän Hetki Vuoden veteraani / Top Winning Cardigan Veteran#2 Big-Wood’s Graenus Grenade#5 Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown#6 Big-Wood’s Northamentha Vuoden …

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Oulu INT 8.7.2018

Judged by Pam Douglas, NZ Number of entries: 28 WOW! Our breeding group was Best In Show group. Amazing! From left: Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity, Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown, Big-Wood’s Fiksu Fami and Big-Wood’s Frontside K’ollie Our results: Big-Wood’s Frontside K’ollie EXC1 CQ, Best Dog, CC & BOB Big-Wood’s Parasta Just Nyt EXC2 CQ, 2nd Best Dog …

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Juva nat. 7.7.2018

Judged by Anneli Sutela, FI Big-Wood’s My Igloo Ingo EXC1 CQ Best Dog & BOB Liebehund Red Troll EXC2 CQ 2nd Best Bitch & res-CC Photo: Sari Kärki

Finnish specialty show – 2018 – Corgien erikoisnäyttely

Judged by: Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes (kennel Pluperfect), USA – cardigan juniors to champions Ingrid Prytz Ohm (kennel All Trade), NO – puppies and veterans Leah James, USA – Best In Show Entries: 140 Cardigans & 123 Pembrokes What a day we had! We hit the jackpot! This was Kolli’s 3rd BOB from Finnish specialty. BOS was …

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Reisjärvi nat. 16.6.2018

Judged by Markku Kipinä, FI Big-Wood’s Graenus Grenade EXC1 CQ Best Bitch BOB Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown EXC1 CQ BB-2 BOB-vet Big-Wood’s Kipinän Hetki EXC1 CQ BB-3 CC Kilvroch Tamina EXC2 CQ Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity EXC1 CQ Best Dog BOS Big-Wood’s Grymus Granlund EXC1 CQ BD-2 Big-Wood’s BOB-group and BIS2-group (Hoity Toity, Graenus Grenade, Triumph Renown …

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Alavus nat. 10.6.2018

Judged by Anita Al-Bachy, FI Big-Wood’s Twilight Sparkle EXC1 CQ BB-1 CC BOB & FI Ch Big-Wood’s Triumph Renown EXC1 CQ BB-2 BOB-veteran Big-Wood’s Northamentha EXC3 Kilvroch Tamina EXC4 Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity EXC1 CQ BD-1 CC BOS & FI Ch Big-Wood’s Big McIntosh EXC1 CQ BD-3 Big-Wood’s BOB-group & short listed in group finals (BW …

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Szilvásvárad 3xINT, Hungary 19.-21.5.2018

Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry aka Priha got 3 BOBs and finished his Hungarian Champion title. Well done Priha and your team!  

Helsinki INT 19.5.2018

Judged by Orietta Zilli, Italy Big-Wood’s Big McIntosh EXC1 CQ BD3 res-CACIB Liebehund Red Troll EXC3 CQ  

Oulainen nat. 19.5.2018

Judged by Helin Tenson, EE Big-Wood’s Mahtava Mars EXC2 CQ Big-Wood’s Frontside K’Ollie VG4